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Getting Started
Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions


The following are frequently asked questions that we have received. If you have any questions that have not been answered below, please let us know.

  1. What will my Web site cost?
  2. I have a very small company, so what can I do to keep the price low?
  3. I run an advertising agency. Can I resell your services to my clients?

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What will my Web site cost?

There are three different costs associated with getting a Web site.  They are registering a domain name (check the availability or purchase a domain name at Network Solutions .), Web hosting and Web design.  You may register a domain name for about $35.00 a year or less (for example, "http://www.yourcompany.com"). There are many registrars available to register your domain name, and you will find that prices, services, and reliability vary.  Eager Web Page Design can register for your domain name when we set up your Web hosting account (see below).  Please note that the domain registration fee is not associated with Eager Web Page Design.

The price of your Web page design and hosting varies. Many Internet Service Providers, such as EarthLink, offer free Web page hosting included with their dial-up accounts. However, keep in mind that the free Web hosting service that is offered usually does not allow for the use of domain names. 

Monthly professional Web hosting service usually starts at about $19.95 a month. Warning-- be careful when choosing a Web hosting service. There are wide variations in fees and services offered by hosting companies.  Please make sure that you know what you are getting.  In addition to reliability issues, you should also be concerned about the speed and redundancy of the Web hosting service's connections to the Internet, whether they have technical staff available at all times in case of problems, the ability to maintain service through power outages, the use of regular data back-ups, etc.  Keep in mind that smaller Web hosting companies may not be able to afford the latest technology, features, and support.

The cost of your Web page design will depend on your needs. A basic Web page with a logo, a few images and/or hyperlinks, and text can be inexpensive, but the price will increase as you add more pages, links, features, custom graphics, programming, text, etc.  Eager Web Page Design works fast and efficiently, can give you many suggestions, and will work with you to help keep your cost within your budget. Please see our Pricing page for more information about our Web design and hosting rates and policies.

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I have a very small company, so what can I do to keep the price low?

Eager Web Page Design will work with you to keep the price of your Web site within your budget. Although we will offer as much assistance as you need, you can do several things to save money. The planning stages of your Web site could take several hours by itself. However, if you will analyze some of your competitors' Web sites, write down the aspects that you like or dislike, and get an idea of how you might organize your site, it will provide an excellent place to start. In addition, on pages where you will be providing detailed company or product information, you can certainly type this information on a computer word processing program and provide us with a copy of the file via e-mail. Since we will not have to retype and proofread it, you will save money.

Although we can create low-priced Web sites to meet your budget, we highly encourage you to consider spending extra on important optional services such as custom graphics and copywriting.  Consider that many of your competitors will also have or be getting Web sites.  To make your site stand out and have a more professional image, custom graphics and well-written copy can make a big difference.

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I run an advertising agency. Can I resell your services to my clients?

Certainly! There are many advantages to reselling our services.

  • We offer resellers discounted rates for our services as well as for Web hosting.
  • We can provide our services directly to you without your clients' knowledge. We will take care of the Web-related work, bill you for our services, and then you can work with and bill your clients.
  • By working with us, you will be able to offer your clients a greater selection of services while spending your time focusing on what you do best.
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